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Verticell window shades are a unique variation of cellular shades designed for larger windows and sliding glass doors. They feature vertical honeycomb-shaped cells that provide excellent insulation, energy efficiency, and a modern, elegant appearance.

At IC Blinds, Verticell represents the ultimate solution for expansive side-to-side window openings and sliding glass doors. These vertical honeycomb window shades efficiently utilize minimal space when opened, making them a perfect fit for smaller rooms or compact spaces.

Verticell shades not only enhance privacy and insulation but also serve as an ideal complement to our cellular shades for smaller windows, ensuring a seamless and energy-efficient window treatment solution.

Color Samples

View our extensive library of color samples for inspiration.

9/16” Single Cell Light Filtering

9/16″ Single Cell Blackout

9/16” Single Cell Slub Woven Light Filtering

9/16" Single Cell Fire Retardant Light Filtering

3/4" Single Cell Bamboo Light Filtering

3/4" Single Cell Lux Linen Light Filtering

3/4" Single Cell Bamboo Blackout

9/16" Sheer

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