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Flat Roman Shades

Flat Roman shades are window coverings made of a single piece of fabric that hangs flat when lowered and forms evenly spaced horizontal folds when raised. They offer a sleek and timeless look, combining functionality with a clean, uncluttered appearance for window treatment.

At IC Blinds, our Flat Roman shades are designed to infuse warmth, elegance, and sophistication into any space. Our collection of roller shade fabrics spans the spectrum from airy and light to sumptuously heavy, allowing you to profoundly influence the ambiance of your room. For instance, our light-filtering fabrics introduce a breezy, relaxed atmosphere, while our opulent, weightier options cultivate a formal, lavish ambiance.

The horizontal lines gracefully crafted by the folds of the shade when it descends impart a sense of clean, structured refinement to your room. Conversely, when raised, the shade's smooth, unadorned surface achieves a minimalist, clutter-free aesthetic, enhancing the room's inherent beauty. Discover the transformative power of IC Blinds' Flat Roman shades in elevating your living spaces to new levels of style and sophistication.

Color Samples

View our extensive library of color samples for inspiration.

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